Offer accepted!

It’s ours! The wait to hear that our offer for our gite (available to rent this summer!) had been accepted was short, but felt anything but. Two days felt more like two weeks. We’re buying a house so until everything is confirmed, the compromis de vente is signed and we take hold of the keys the champagne will be on hold, but unlike our first purchase this one feels so much easier. We’re living here already, the process is familiar, our documents are already ready to go, we know our notaire and whilst there’s a curfew, we’re not locked down. We’re buying a one-bedroom house on the outskirts of Rochechouart, bordering the vallée de la Vayres and looking out towards the lake. It has an attic just itching to be converted and a basement with a separate rear entrance that could be converted into a studio apartment.

Layout options are one of the interesting attractions, another that it is already set up to rent as a one-bedroom gite. Bookings were taken last year so we’re hoping that we can continue with the current rental pages and take bookings for the summer onwards. Regardless, it’s just a huge relief to know we’ve found somewhere so perfect, so we can now dive deep into our business and along with our Etsy shop which will open imminently maybe start earning some money rather than just spending it. Houses in the Limousin area may be cheap compared to the UK, but other than wine most other things are a similar price. Wine it is then.

the image we’ve used is just a few strides away from our new gite, some time ago, possibly pre-covid…

Our ideal was to find our gite in the same town as where we were living to avoid having to drive to welcome guests, do changeovers and to be on hand for any problems. To find it just a three-minute walk away is literally perfect. It has plenty of storage, which is ideal for gite needs but also deals with our main issue at our own house, which offers very little. Our gite will offer a perfect location, a typically French interior and an abundance of charm, including an enclosed courtyard for outdoor dining. We hope to be able to point you in its online direction in the coming weeks, as soon as the compromis de vente is signed.

It now feels like our French adventure is really beginning to happen. We’ve been here ten weeks and have loved getting to know our nearby friends and neighbours and familiarising ourselves with our surroundings, albeit constantly flooded. Now we can turn our attention to our business, to get to work and feel like we are contributing to and being fully-fledged citizens of Rochechouart. 

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