Rochechouart – une ville fleurie

Over the last few months, with lockdown measures gradually lifting, Rochechouart has begun to come alive. Summer has approached somewhere near normality with everywhere open, and at last August has seen almost a whole month of sunshine. Pavements are adorned with tables and chairs, numerous events and attractions have been open and ‘centre ville’ has been almost bustling with locals and visitors. Masks are still part of everyday life, but with the end of the covid hell as we know it seemingly within touching distance, a mask barely feels like any inconvenience at all.

As if to celebrate the resumption of something like normality, and to bring further smiles to people’s faces, this summer Rochechouart has been adorned with a beautiful bouquet of blossom and bloom. With the town awarded a ‘three flowers’ distinction by Villes et Villages Fleuris, rewarding a town’s commitment to improving the quality of life through flowers, landscapes and plants, it has been a visual pleasure to walk our beautiful streets and town centre. With its main aim being to encourage the development of green spaces and improve the living environment, Rochechouart has most certainly succeeded.

With August coming to an end my camera has been begging me to be pointed at the blossom. I couldn’t say no. A shop front always looks better when it’s accompanied with basketed bloom. Add some nourishing summer sun and the beauty comes alive, radiating pleasure. We had to walk no further than a few minutes from the Saint-Sauveur church in the town centre to make my camera very happy…

Click on the photos to make them full size 🌼

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