Salut! We’re Tony & Heather, residents in Rochechouart in the beautiful Perigord-Limousin Natural Park since November 2020.

2020 was a challenge, but the best things are worth fighting for. We left jobs and family we loved, sold our properties in the UK, bought one in France and became husband and wife, all during a year of lockdown restrictions and the ‘B’ word end date looming. But we arrived. We made it, and we couldn’t be happier.

We purchased a beautiful old house with the most stunning panoramic views, and in the summer of 2021 a nearby historic gite, at the foot of the chateau. An Etsy shop was also opened at the beginning of the year, which has meant spending many hours in local brocantes, garage sales and flea markets. Joy!

We have a new life and adventures ahead, new friends to be made and a language to learn beyond our currently limited abilities. We are fully submerging ourselves into French life, which with time permitting we hope to chronicle here.

Oh, why name our blog m’sieu-dame? We love the language, the social etiquette and sense of community that exists in French towns such as Rochechouart. To not say “bonjour” to a passer-by would be considered rude, but when we’re greeted with a “m’sieu-dame” it warms our hearts.

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