Our Etsy shop – French Curios Cave

Since I was able to by things for myself I’ve loved vintage, antique, worn, pre-loved or simply old things. Many items are better made the older they are, but it’s their character and essence born out of their history and usage that appeals to me. Items that have lived their lives, survived and look, feel and sometimes smell better for it. Items that have stood the test of time by their quality, or older items that simply look fantastic. I’ve frequented charity, second-hand, antique shops and auctions in the UK for forty years and have built up some knowledge of curios and collectables. This vintage love only expanded whilst spending a hugely enjoyable five year stint as a charity shop manager for Shelter in Edinburgh, an experience made all the more enjoyable as it was where I met and worked alongside my wife, Heather.

One of the highlights of our many visits to France has been frequenting outdoor flea markets and indoor brocantes. One of the frustrations was our inability to bring certain items home due to size or weight. On more than one occasion I’ve purchased an irresistible vintage case in France to use as my hand luggage on the flight home. So, I love old things. Now resident in France we have no reason, beyond price, for not purchasing an item that takes our eye, but if we purchased everything pleasing to our eyes we’d soon have no room in our house and no money in our bank account. The answer to this issue is simple. We’ve opened an Etsy shop.

So, we have been frequenting flea markets, brocantes, vide maisons, vide greniers and charity shops in the Haute-Vienne and Charente, and have been busy growing our business. We are not antique experts and our knowledge certainly has limitations, but we love learning and researching, and are becoming familiar with what works and hopefully what sells. We certainly know about the importance of presentation and personal, efficient customer service. Our Etsy shop, French Curios Cave has now been open since February 2021 so please… come on in, make yourselves at home, take a look around. We specialise in vintage French home decor items, stoneware, copper and enamelware, iconic barware, and characterful curios that are pleasing on the eye.

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